With Res-Intel Benchmarking of Single Family Residential Buildings

Case Study: Mapping LA

These images demonstrate how Res-Intel can assist with Mass Scale benchmarking of buildings using LA County as an example. [soliloquy id=”1145″]

US – Water stress from 1949-2009

Water Conservation

Human societies are discovering ever-increasing vulnerabilities to water scarcity. A recent study by the Earth Institute documents the problems by county in the US. We at Res-Intel believe that water …

Participation in Energy Efficiency Programs

Designed to Provide Actionable Insights

Res-Intel is designed to provide actionable insights to improve utility profitability, customer satisfaction, and operational effectiveness. Residential Demand Side Management (DSM) programs represent fantastic opportunities for improving customer satisfaction and …

Residential Energy and Water Intelligence Software

Res-Intel Software’s advanced analytic algorithms perform large-scale residential energy and water benchmarking that improves the profitability and efficiency of demand side management programs outcomes. Energy Data Management Upload clean utility …