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Res-Intel Presents Energize!

An Innovative Behavioral Program Designed to Deliver Deep Energy Savings in the Residential Sector Hal Nelson, Founder of Res-Intel, presents Energize! at the 10th annual SEEC Forum. Res-Intel has released …


Who We Are

The team at Residential Energy and Water Intelligence software is committed to providing best-in-class software to increase profits, improve demand side management programs, make people’s lives better, and protect the environment. We believe all this is possible through advanced analytics. We are dedicated to putting our customers and employees first.

Res-Intel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Policy Consultants, Inc., an Oregon based company. Policy Consultants has been involved in the development of decision support software tools for the power sector since 2000, with the creation of the Clean Energy Planning Model© which has been used in the UK and in Oregon state to help stakeholders develop energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs.

The Res–Intel software was developed by Policy Consultants, Inc. partly through a grant from the California Energy Commission’s Energy Innovation Small Grant (EISG) Program #57356A11/12.

Our Team

Hal T. Nelson

Hal Nelson
Chief Executive Officer | Founder
Dr. Nelson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration at  Portland State University. In addition, Dr. Nelson worked as a Research Associate Professor at Claremont Graduate University for 10 years prior to his appointment to PSU. As Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Nelson develops practical solutions to complex social, environmental, political, and economic problems. He has developed three decision support tools to help optimize energy sector outcomes. Dr. Nelson has publications appearing in Energy PolicyThe Journal of Artificial Societies and Social SimulationLand Use PolicyJournal of Public PolicyThe Journal of Policy StudiesThe Journal of Environment and DevelopmentThe Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, and other peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Nelson holds a PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Portland State University, with an emphasis in international institutions and energy policy.
Sean Bjurstrom
Sean Bjurstrom
Mr. Bjurstrom develops analytical solutions and oversees technological implementation. Prior to joining Res-Intel, Sean worked on the analytical teams at COF Training Services, S. Goner Associates, and Esri. With over five years of experience in analytics, Mr. Bjurstrom has developed various analytical frameworks using spatial techniques and traditional econometrics to blend data from a multitude of sources. Mr. Bjurstrom holds a Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Business Information Systems, and International Business Administration.
Andrew Royal
Senior Data Scientist
As a Senior Data Scientist, Dr. Royal applies insights from psychology and behavioral economics to topics in environmental and energy policy. He has published some of his work in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty and Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. He received his PhD in Economics from Claremont Graduate University.
Anuar Assamidanov
Anuar Assamidanov
Data Analyst

Anuar Assamidanov is a Ph.D. Student in Economics at Claremont Graduate University. He’s passionate about any and all fields related to data. He has three years of extensive experience in data mining, exploratory analysis, machine learning, and causal inference.

Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson
Data Analyst

Hunter Johnson works with Res-Intel’s data scientist to generate analytics and interactive data visualizations. He is experienced in using econometric and machine learning methods to analyze socially important issues. Hunter is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Claremont Graduate University.

David Mueller
David Mueller
Research Assistant

David Mueller is a graduate student studying Public Policy at the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. David is a Student Fellow of the Institute of Sustainable Solutions. David brings sound analytical skills to address environmental and energy policy challenges.

Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 
Marketing Specialist 
Jacob Roberts writes and edits copy for Res-Intel’s advertising campaigns, press releases, infographics, and social media posts, among other duties. Previously, he was the staff writer for Distillations, a history of science magazine in Philadelphia. He is pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing at Portland State University.