Res-Intel’s Rooftop Solar PV Tool: Pioneering Solar Energy Analysis for a Greener Tomorrow

Res-Intel’s innovative Rooftop Solar PV Tool© is revolutionizing the way we assess solar energy potential. With a cutting-edge methodology that factors in critical features like building code compliance, shading from tree canopies, and rooftop objects, Res-Intel is leading the way in shaping a greener and more equitable energy future. Our recent successful application of the PV Tool for a California utility client’s 100,000 commercial properties underscores its accuracy and value. Available through Res-Intel’s Benchmark.AI© dashboard, this tool is a game-changer for identifying commercial and multifamily properties with the highest potential to become net-zero properties. Join us in redefining solar energy assessment and advancing it to new heights.

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A national leader in energy equity, Res-Intel is an innovator in applying domain expertise and advanced technology for mass-scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Our solutions combine advanced analytics using artificial intelligence, remote sensing, geospatial modeling, and multivariate statistics to greatly lower the cost and time for planning and executing energy efficiency (EE) programs. We help our customers to improve demand side management programs, reduce the burden of energy bills for underserved households, and protect the environment. Learn more at

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