Explore Climate Program Options with Res-Intel Turnkey Government Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Toolkit (TurnKey GREET) Program

Local governments are leading the world in climate and energy programs that protect the environment and grow their economies. Res-Intel brings decades of transparent, microeconomic cost modeling for governments to quickly design, analyze and implement climate action and energy programs through the Turnkey Government Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Toolkit (TurnKey GREET) program.

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A national leader in energy justice, Res-Intel is an innovator in applying domain expertise and advanced technology for mass-scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Our solutions combine advanced analytics using artificial intelligence, remote sensing, geospatial modeling, and multivariate statistics to greatly lower the cost and time for planning and executing energy efficiency (EE) programs. We help our customers to improve demand side management programs, reduce the burden of energy bills for underserved households, and protect the environment. Learn more at Res-Intel.com

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