Water Conservation

Human societies are discovering ever-increasing vulnerabilities to water scarcity. A recent study by the Earth Institute documents the problems by county in the US.

We at Res-Intel believe that water conservation is the first-best approach for reducing water scarcity. With up to 75% of residential water use going to watering lawns and gardens, there are incredible opportunities to make existing water supplies go further.

US – Water stress from 1949-2009
US – Water stress from 1949-2009

Res-Intel is designed to first benchmark water consumption at every single family residence in a jurisdiction. Then, the software estimates the cost-effect water conservation opportunities at each household.

The Home Water Intensity Score (HISw) indicates the demand for water consumption measures at each household controlling for weather and other important factors.

High HISw households are the most cost-effective candidates for targeted marketing of water conservation measures.