Res–Intel Partners with ENERGY STAR

Res-Intel partners with Energy Star to offer the new Res-Intel Data Exchange© tool

Res-Intel has partnered with Energy Star to increase accessibility and reduce labor time for users through its new tool, the Res-Intel Data Exchange©. Users can now streamline the data exchange process with Energy Star Portfolio Manager. The tool further enables mass-scale benchmarking of buildings that otherwise would not be benchmarked.

Data Exchange makes the submission of data to Portfolio Manager much more user-friendly by cleaning and structuring data in a way that is easily consumable by Portfolio Manager’s API. This reduces the possibility of errors when submitting large quantities of property, building, and meter data to Portfolio Manager.

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program dedicated to helping business and individuals identify energy–efficient products.

Res–Intel is a national leader in mass–scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Its benchmarking engine provides micro–targeted recommendations for property owners and managers to cost–effectively reduce energy and water usage. The Res–Intel software platform has been partially funded under California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant #57356A/11–12 and #58076A/14–09G.

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