California Advanced Homes Program – A Comparative Study

Res-Intel to investigate energy efficiency from California Advanced Homes Program

Res-Intel’s latest project aims to compare monthly electricity consumption of single-family residential (SFR) homes that participated in Southern California Edison’s California Advanced Home Program (CAHP) from 2008 – 2013. The SCE’s CAHP program gives incentives to homebuilders who design and construct homes that are at least 15% more efficient than what California’s current building codes require.

The project compares the relative energy consumption differences in newly occupied homes, using Home Energy Intensity Score (HIS) measured as kWh/ft2/day electricity consumption.  The research will provide further insight on energy efficiency and savings associated with the CAHP program. Second, it will deepen our understanding about differences in building energy efficiency as measured by HIS between SFR builders.

Overall, the study has the potential to distinguish whether the differences in results stemmed from the greater participation in training and educating programs, certain measures preferred by high performing builders, or from alternative reasons. If feasible, HIS information can also lead to identification of top builders in terms of efficient homes in CAHP program.

Res–Intel is a national leader in mass–scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Its benchmarking engine provides micro–targeted recommendations for property owners and managers to cost–effectively reduce energy and water usage. The Res–Intel software platform has been partially funded under California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant #57356A/11–12 and #58076A/14–09G.

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