Res-Intel’s Energy Benchmarking and Characterization of Southern California Edison’s Multi-Family Inventory

Res-Intel is working with Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the largest electric utilities in the country, to benchmark the electricity consumption of its multi-family residential properties. Through its proprietary algorithms, Res-Intel’s software joins real estate with utility account data and aggregates it up to the apartment complex level. Then, through an extension of Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool, Res-Intel benchmarks energy use on an intuitive 1-100 score. These results will enable SCE program staff to identify low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency and demand response programs.

In addition to benchmarking, Res-Intel is providing insight into SCE’s multi-family inventory by performing a market characterization. By mapping every multi-family property in SCE’s territory, Res-Intel has determined which properties fall into areas deemed as low-income or disadvantaged as defined by AB 1550 and SB 535, respectively. Res-Intel has also developed methodologies for predicting whether a property is tenant or master metered, whether a property has a pool, and for predicting energy used for space heating, cooling, and baseload to better identify cost-effective and highly relevant energy efficiency measures.

As a result of this project, SCE will have access to customized information on energy usage and potential for savings for multi-family properties in its territory, allowing for a more personal approach when engaging customers and improving program staff capabilities through actionable insights.

Res-Intel is a national leader in mass-scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Its benchmarking engine provides micro-targeted recommendations for property owners and managers to cost-effectively reduce energy and water usage. The Res-Intel software platform has been partially funded under California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant #57356A/11-12 and #58076A/14-09G.

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