Res–Intel Targets Residential Water Efficiency


Res-Intel’s newest project targets residential water efficiency. The project aims to eliminate the need for customer-supplied data for Demand Side Management (DSM) activities by (1) benchmarking all utility customers in a service territory and (2) lowering the cost of saved water for direct installs by geo-targeted marketing customers with appropriate incentives.

In order to benchmark water consumption, Res-Intel inputted a series of data points including, Single Family Residential (SFR) billing, US Census demographic, NOAA climate change, and finally, building data. Figure 1 below visually illustrates the benchmarking process and the anticipated outputs from the analytical analysis.

Overall, Business Intelligence (BI) can revolutionize residential SFR water planning and outreach programs through its innovative use of advanced econometrics – a process that combines housing characteristics with SFR billing data to target residential homes and make policy recommendations based on water usage.

Software Map of Data Inputs and OutputsFigure 1: Benchmarking process to improve residential water efficiency

For more information on the project, please visit Water Smart Innovations and look out for our Presentation. This project was partially funded by the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program.


Res–Intel is a national leader in mass–scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Its benchmarking engine provides micro–targeted recommendations for property owners and managers to cost–effectively reduce energy and water usage. The Res–Intel software platform has been partially funded under California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant #57356A/11–12 and #58076A/14–09G.

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