Res-Intel & Communities for Conservation Promote Energy Reduction

First-of-its-kind pilot program in Southern California promotes behavioral energy and water conservation using Res-Intel’s analytics

Communities For Conservation (CfC) is a behavioral pilot program for selected multi-family properties in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. The pilot is sponsored by multiple stakeholders including Southern California Edison, SoCal Gas, Golden State Water Company, Monte Vista Water District, and City of Pomona Water Department. The goal of the program is to encourage multi-family complex owners/managers to reduce energy (electricity and gas) by at least 10%, and water use by more than 10% over a 12-month period.

The program incentivizes apartment complexes to reduce energy usage through a social competition. The rationale is that a competitive environment will push apartment owners and tenants to interact, motivate participation, and ultimately reduce resource consumption at their complexes. At the end of the pilot program, winners will be crowned from the following categories: (1) The largest energy savers, (2) the most improved, (3) the most energy efficient, and finally, (4) the most water efficient.

As a service provider, Res-Intel leads and manages the highly complex analytics for the pilot program. Through its proprietary algorithms, the software aggregates building and utility account data into apartment complexes and then benchmarks energy and water use on an intuitive 1-100 score for participants to better understand their utility bills.

No other software or analytics vendor is performing benchmarking on this scale for the first-of-its-kind behavioral intervention in the multifamily residential sector.


Res-Intel is a national leader in mass-scale benchmarking of residential buildings. Its benchmarking engine provides micro-targeted recommendations for property owners and managers to cost-effectively reduce energy and water usage. The Res-Intel software platform has been partially funded under California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant #57356A/11-12 and #58076A/14-09G.

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