Learn More About Technology and Solutions for Equitable Building Decarbonization

As a national leader in energy justice through mass-scale benchmarking of residential buildings, Res-Intel is defining new ways to bring energy efficiency (EE) improvements to underserved communities. Here are some of our recent insights and results.

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Res-Intel helps California decisionmakers reduce household electricity bills

Climate change and damaging weather events such as droughts and wildfires are happening more often, causing utility bills to rise with them. Combined with surges in energy prices residents of California, most notably low-income earners, are having trouble making ends meet.

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Explore Climate Program Options with Res-Intel Turnkey Government Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Toolkit (TurnKey GREET) Program

Local governments are leading the world in climate and energy programs that protect the environment and grow their economies. Res-Intel brings decades of transparent, microeconomic cost modeling for governments to quickly design, analyze and implement climate action and energy programs through the Turnkey Government Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Toolkit (TurnKey GREET) program.

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Res-Intel will inventory all multi-family buildings in NY state to support NYSERDA energy efficiency affordability and accessibility

Res-Intel announced today that it is helping the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) create a multifamily residential property inventory to support NYSERDA’s Statewide Multifamily Baseline Study, its RetrofitNY initiative, and other state programs and initiatives.

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The Next Leap in Building Energy Benchmarking

Most building energy benchmarking projects are stuck in the stone age: crude, inaccurate and inefficient. Res-Intel’s Benchmark.AI™ toolset uses artificial intelligence to generate precise energy efficiency recommendations at a fraction of the cost of prior-generation benchmarking tools. See how Res-Intel can help your energy efficiency program evolve.

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Presentation on AI Tool for Reducing Residential GHGs

Along with the Electric Power Research Institute, Hitachi, and Berkeley Labs, Res-Intel presented its tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through Artificial Intelligence at the virtual Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) forum

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Getting to Know Your Residential Customers

Utilities can now easily identify opportunities in multi-family buildings to reduce electricity consumption through demand response programs and simple efficiency upgrades. Res-Intel’s Benchmark.AI™ toolset can audit thousands of residences in just a few seconds; a traditional energy audit for a multi-family building can take weeks. See how it works.

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Identifying Low-Income Apartments For Subsidized Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Low-income and historically marginalized households have much higher energy burdens than other households. With Res-Intel’s Benchmark.AI toolset, utilities and governments can easily identify low-income apartments that are predicted to qualify for subsidized energy efficiency retrofits. We’re making energy justice easier, learn how.

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An Innovative Behavioral Program Drives Deep Energy Savings in the Residential Sector

Res-Intel’s Energize! energy efficiency (EE) solution utilizes data-driven outreach and best-in-class behavioral strategies to optimize EE program results and save energy in the residential building sector. The combination of information and motivation is designed to dramatically increase program participation and deliver deep energy savings.

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