Res-Intel solutions leverage our mass-scale benchmarking of residential and commercial buildings to dramatically lower the time and effort that a local government or utility needs to meet regulatory program reporting requirements or to optimize program results and reach underserved energy users.

Very Fast, Cost-Efficient Residential and Commercial Building Characterization

Res-Intel’s Building Characterization solution dramatically lowers the time and cost of generating a complete residential and commercial building inventory and mass scale energy benchmarking to improve the planning, targeting and monitoring of energy efficiency (EE) programs. It lowers the cost of preparation and analysis from thousands of dollars to pennies per property.

Predictive benchmarking: The Benchmark.AI™ engine predicts energy efficiency needs and makes custom demand-side management (DSM) recommendations for every residential and commercial property in your territory.

AI-driven automation: Innovative software audits thousands of properties quickly and remotely, giving energy usage patterns about all residential customers at a cost of pennies per property.

Complete building inventory: The Benchmark.AI toolset solves the incomplete data challenge by accumulating data from multiple sources, including real estate, OpenStreetMaps, county assessor, satellite imagery, GIS, and building footprint data.

Building decarbonization potential: The Benchmark.AI engine energy demand and end-use disaggregation provide bottom-up energy savings potentials from building electrification programs.

Behavioral insights: Sophisticated energy disaggregation and geocoding algorithms link up building data and community attributes to drive new insights on residential customer behavior.

Comprehensive visualizations: Software reporting that maps and visualizes customer information so you can interact with data and envision new programs.

Impact monitoring: Our eBase upgrade module adds portfolio-wide DSM impact monitoring and evaluation in nearly real-time.

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Case Study: AI and More Complete Data Improve Program Design

Res-Intel performed a Residential Characterization analysis for a large California utility’s entire service territory by predicting attributes of multifamily housing stock including height, floor area and energy use. Through the use of machine learning and a variety of data sources including LiDAR, Res-Intel discovered that about a quarter of large multifamily properties are garden style properties with many small buildings. The utility will also use this information to offer customers tailored energy efficiency recommendations that accurately reflect the buildings they live in.

The Energize! Behavioral Targeting Solution Boosts Consumer Engagement

The Energize! solution leverages the Benchmark.AI toolset to improve EE program results through a residential building renovation competition. Energize! recruits residents to perform home retrofits—those that perform the most retrofits or achieve the greatest energy savings win the competition and receive rewards. Energize! can be tailored to the unique composition of each locality (e.g. school districts) and integrates with existing EE programs as well as cost-effectively leverages big data and modern marketing automation tools to reduce staffing demands.

Automated benchmarking: Single and multifamily residential property owners receive a benchmark report and custom conservation recommendations based on their energy usage profile.

Online competition: Energize! recruits residents in their areas to perform retrofits. The area with the most residential retrofits or energy savings wins the competition.

Community-based social marketing: Energize! markets the competition using local governments and community media such as existing school, local business and neighborhood newsletters.

Marketing automation: Energize! slashes the time and cost of implementing competition programs while improving customer experience and increasing participation.

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Explore Government Climate Program Options with Res-Intel TurnKey GREET Program

Local governments are pursuing climate action programs to improve energy efficiency and climate equity outcomes in their communities. But modeling the costs and benefits of these programs requires significant staffing time and resources. Res-Intel brings decades of transparent, microeconomic cost modeling for stakeholders to quickly design, analyze and implement climate action programs through its Turnkey Government Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Toolkit (TurnKey GREET) program. TurnKey GREET allows staff to quickly input program assumptions and design parameters and perform sensitivity analyses of the costs and benefits of different design options, helping them to develop plans that provide the most benefits to the individual residences and the entire community.

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DSM Program Impact Evaluation Tool Change

The eBase module automates the steps required to process energy data from advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and estimate program savings. The package includes cutting-edge machine learning tools. These data and statistics feed directly into our internally-developed reporting and monitoring tools designed to aid program managers when assessing the impacts of demand side management programs.

Figure: Shows an output from our eBase package for one customer in a California multifamily energy efficiency program.

Talk to Res-Intel About Optimizing Your Demand Side Managment Program

The team at Res-Intel believes in the power of advanced analytics to improve DSM programs, reduce the energy burden on marginalized households and protect the environment. We’re ready to be of service if you have these goals too! Contact us for more information or a demo.

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